Betelhem Dessie

At her 19-year-old, Betelhem Dessie is perhaps the youngest pioneers in Ethiopias fast emerging tech scent. Dessie is coordinating a number of nationwide programmes run by robotics law icog, the Addis Ababa based artificial intelligence (Al) law that was involved in developing the world famous Sophia the robot She has four software programmes copyrighted solely to her name-including an app developed for the Ethiopian government to map rivers used for irrigation One programme Dessie loads on at icog is Solved IT which works with young people to find technological solutions to community based problems. Dessie travels the length and breath of the country working with students to inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs She is currently looking for finding for a project called The Sophia School Bus.The bus will go around Ethiopia equipped with laptops and other electronic materials such as 3D printers to create more awereness on these technologies-using Sophia as a grand to attract, she explains. With the help of Sophia the robot, Dessie hope to inspire the next generation of covers in Ethiopia and Africa more broadly Adoptep from: https:edition.can.come/2018/10/11/africa/ethiopian- each-cover-betelhem-dessie/index.html (12th December 2018)
What does the text tell us about?
The programmes at iCog
The application for irrigation.
Fund-raising to run a project
A new robot named Sophi
A girls achievement at technology

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Jawaban          : E. A girl’s achievement at technology
Pembahasan: Betelhem Dessie    :
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