Scientific Name For Lavende

Activity 5
Read the text and answer the following questions.
    Lavender is a type of plant found on almost all continents. It has a purplish colour. It has a colour named after it, called lavender. Its Latin and scientific name is Lavandula.
   Lavenders are very popular among gardeners. Sometimes their petals are dried and sealed in pouches for good scent, and sometimes put inside clothes to prevent moths, which can damage the clothes,
   Lavenders are also used in cake decorating because the flowers can become candied. Sometimes they are used in flavouring baked goods and chocolate desserts, and sometimes people use them to make a very delicious “lavender sugar”. Lavender flowers are also used to make tea. The French make lavender syrup, which is used to make lavender scones and lavender marshmallows.
    Lavenders are sometimes put in medicine to prevent infection – such as lavender oil, that was used in World War I to disinfect walls and floors of the hospital. As the folk wisdom says, lavender oil is also helpful to headaches when rubbed into your temple, and lavender tea helps you relax before bed time. Lavender is also very helpful when applied to insect bites. Sometimes, dried petals of lavender are used to throw confetti at a wedding.
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What is scientific name of lavender?

Kuis tentang Scientific Name For Lavende diatas akan Kakak Shavina bantu menyelesaikanya yang dapat adik-adik lihat jawabannya dan pembahasannya seperti di bawah ini.

jawaban yang benar adalah “The scientific name of lavender is Lavandula.”.
Pembahasan: Scientific Name For Lavende
Jawaban untuk soal ini adalah “The scientific name of lavender is Lavandula.”.
Soal menanyakan apa nama ilmiah dari bunga lavender.
Jawaban dari pertanyaan ini dapat dilihat pada paragraf pertama di kalimat berikut, “Its Latin and scientific name is Lavandula.”.
Artinya, “Nama Latin dan ilmiahnya adalah Lavandula.”.
Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah “The scientific name of lavender is Lavandula.”.

Kami berharap semoga jawaban dari persoalan Scientific Name For Lavende diatas bisa membantu adik-adik mengerjakan soal dengan baik.